Who we are
Millennials are known for their enthusiasm and confident way of working and communicating. This is no different at Buro Millennial. We are convinced that powerful designs can make a difference. At Buro Millennial, good teamwork determines everything. Marta often cooperates with freelance designers, UX-designers, illustrators and copywriters to broaden our services and to offer the best quality. 

 "My job is to translate marketing and sales strategies into innovative and impressive campaigns that appeal to targeted audiences and drive revenue. My responsibility is leading and driving the creative process from brief through delivery."
- Marta
Marta Klement
Marta had been working as an independent entrepreneur for over more than ten years. She was educated at the Secondary School and College of Graphic Design in Prague and specialized in graphic design. During her studies, she also gained extensive knowledge and experience with traditional (book) printing techniques. After graduation, she started a career as an independent graphic designer and photographer. Photography is an art craft that runs through her blood: in 1903 her grandfather opened photo-studio Atelier Lukes, which Marta later turned into an advertising agency. In 2011, Marta moved to the Netherlands and Atelier Lukes emigrated with her. She managed to attract major assignment, for a certain period became an employer and enjoyed her work. In 2018 she decided that she needed a change and a new appearance for her business so she rebranded into Buro Millennial. 
What we do
We help our clients to develop their identity and brand experience, as well as market their products and services. Our expertises vary from branding, photography, web design and print design to the development of marketing campaigns. We work for commercial companies as well as government institutions, healthcare institutions, museums, cultural organizations, start-ups, and more. 
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